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What should You Consider when Looking for a Home to Rent?

If you’re planning on moving into a property on rent, you need to keep reading. Because we’ll be discussing everything you need to ensure before you choose your next home. If interested, be sure to keep reading.


When it comes to renting a home, you need to find a property that’s ideal in location. If not, you’ll be spending hours on commutes.

For example, if you work in the Capalaba region, you’ll be stuck with its terrible traffic trying to go to and from every morning. That’s why looking for properties for rent Capalaba is the best fit.

Are Pets Allowed?

As you’re moving on rent, the property is not yours. Because it’s the landlord’s he may not want to preserve the condition of the home. Thus, he wouldn’t allow pets in.

Unfortunately, this is the case with a lot of landlords so you need to ask about this if you’re the owner of a few furry friends.

If they are allowed, the landlord may specify that they are kept in a certain location. This is especially the case if you’re moving into an apartment building. The complex may have a rooftop where he’d say you can keep your dog. Obviously, you may not be comfortable with such an arrangement.

How Much is it?

Negotiating the rent can be hard. After all, you’re not buying the home. So you’re best going with the rent amount the landlord is stating.

With this amount in mind, decide if you’re able to pay it every month. If it’s out of your reach and you miss a few payments, he may either kick you out or take cash out of your security deposit.

How Much is the Deposit?

While on the topic of security deposits, get to know how big of a sum he wants. It may be 5 months’ rent, 10 or even 2 years. It depends entirely on who you’re working with.

What’s more is, you should ask the landlord what he’ll do with your deposit because you’ll need it when you’re shifting from the property.

How Long is the Lease?

When moving into a home, you may like the property, but you need to know how long you’ll be calling it your home. If it’s the best and has a great price, none of this is worth it if you have to move in a year.

Usually, landlords lease homes for about 5 years, but this depends.

Will You Need a Guarantor?

Some renters require that you have at least 2 guarantors with you when renting out a home. They’ll be in charge of paying rent when you’re missing out on payments.

You may not be comfortable with this, so look for homes that don’t require guarantors to sign the agreement.

Will He Increase the Rent?

Landlords can increase the rent whenever they want. However, this is not ethical, so they do it in fixed periods.

Be sure to ask the renter how often he’s going to increase the rent and by how much. This is important as the property may be cheap but the landlord is planning on driving its price up every 6 months.

With the above points being taken into consideration, it’s easy to see there are many things you have to make note of when choosing a place to rent.

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