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Ways You Could Protect Your Colored Concrete Floors

Colored concrete flooring is generally low maintenance. If you spill something on it like coffee, tea or other liquid that might stain it, it is generally easy to clean and would not easily stain. Homeowners prefer this over other kinds of floor finishes because it only needs periodic cleaning with a concrete cleaner as long as spill-ups are immediately cleaned.

Even if it is low maintenance, there are still ways you could do to protect your colored concrete floors. It’s easy and would not require too much of your attention, effort and time.

Proper Cleaning

The first thing you have to do when you become the proud owner of colored concrete floors is to know how to maintain and properly clean them. Know the cleaning agents you could use if protective coatings and wax is necessary, how often you should use them and the only tools you could use to clean your floors. When you have concrete flooring brisbane ask the contractor who did your floor about safety precautions when cleaning it.

Consider Using Mats

Your home’s floor would take the brunt of foot traffic from you, your family and when you have guests come over. One of the ways you could protect your floor is by using and covering it with protective mats. Your welcome mat should be durable enough to catch the debris that is in your shoes and or slippers. This debris might scratch your floor and overtime would make it dull and lackluster.

Precautions With Appliances And Furniture

When we move our appliances and furniture, the floor might be scratched especially if we would be dragging them instead of lifting. Indentations might also be a possibility if the appliance or furniture is extremely heavy. If you need to move an appliance or furniture, call somebody for help in lifting it and if it could not be helped, make sure your floor is protected if and when you could only move it by dragging and or sliding it across your concrete floor.

Be Careful With Sharp And Pointy Objects

Sharp and pointy objects could scratch your floor. If your furniture is mostly made of metal, make sure that the part that touches the floor is blunt or if it is possible, buy some rubber or silicone coverings to avoid marring when the furniture is accidentally moved.

Avoid Harsh Sunlight

When the sunlight is too bright, close your curtains or blinds to protect your floor. Extreme light and heat might contribute to fading of the concrete’s color. You might not notice it now but after quite some time, you’d see how that part of your floor that is constantly exposed to sunlight is getting lighter in color and the intricate designs fading.

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When you remember these preventive tips, you would be able to enjoy your colored concrete floor for a long time. And because it is low maintenance, you would not need to worry about it losing its aesthetic appeal over daily use. Just make sure that you are vigilant in caring for it daily and periodic application of floor finish to maintain its shine and as an additional layer of protection.

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