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Using Creative Ideas to Decorate the Household

Most of the time, we are used to buying various artworks and clay or glass items to make our living room look nice. When you visit another house, though you feel like your own is inadequately decorated. So, you go to the shopping mall again and end up buying some more stuff which will be kept on sideboards, corner stands and various table tops or hung on the wall. Would that satisfy you? Probably not…

Try to Do Something Yourself

DIY or Do It Yourself videos are all over the internet. You also watch one or two of them, think “ah how nice” determined to do that one day. But that one day never comes. Now with some time off due to lowered level of extra-activity in day-to-day life, why don’t you really do something by yourself? There is no doubt that you have all the stuff at home with various online orders and the household items you buy.

One may think DIY needs an extra skill in drawing or crafting; but, no. Anyone can do it and once in your life, you will be content that the living room is decorated as per your wish or the kitchen has some added features as you wanted them to be. For once in your life, you will not look at another person’s living room and feel ashamed or inadequate about yours!

Actual Artwork?

Real paintings are expensive to buy. Collecting art is a well-known pastime of millionaires and billionaires. If you can afford one, great! But don’t fret even if not. It is not a must to have a van Gogh hung in your house! Nevertheless, you can fill the blanks with something of your own.

A little clay figure, made by your son or daughter at school, or a wooden panel on which you have thrown some paint artfully can be easily converted in to a decor item. Use acrylic ink before you paint the clay figurine in an attractive colour. It is not only for decoration but a valuable memento too.

What Can You Do for The Living Room?

The living room is the place where guests first walk in. It could also be the place where the family hangs out most of the time. Therefore, not only it has to be pleasant looking and attractive but also it will be the place which gets messy really quick. You can do so many things with stuff that you are throwing away, as DIY projects for the living room. Take, for example picture frames. Most living rooms will have pictures hung, of the family members, their achievements, memories from when they were little and so on.

When you get wooden boxes as packaging for wine etc., you can clean a pellet and use sandpaper to make them look rustic which can then be converted into a photo frame. Stick the photo on the panel and use a rough clothing material or a gunny material to outline the photo. A painted piece of rope and you are good to go. You can also use various glass jars that you get when you buy jams or other food items, as candle holders or even a vase. Wine bottles cleaned and glazed with glue, with some rope wrapped around it can give you a rustic look for the living room.

The living room doesn’t have to show how rich you are and what you can afford to decorate the place! It is a simple place to have everyone feel like home with memories.

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