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If you happened to be a vinyl collector, you should know that you’re one of the rarest species when considering the entertainment field. In such a background, thinking about framing them is a good idea, or is it? In this read, we will go over some of the most common misconceptions related to framing vinyl recorded that are completely untrue so that you can go ahead and get them framed peacefully.

DIY projects are perfectly safe

There are things that we should do, and things that we never should. This selection should always be made considering the duration of the effect of the action. For example, if you built a house by yourself disregarding professional affiliations, the durability of the house is quite questionable.

In the same way, although there are some tutorials online on how to frame your records, you shouldn’t take the risk of ruining the chance of getting them perfectly framed.

Framing them ruins the long-term quality of the records

The baseless reason behind this is the false assumption of accumulated air that would be left inside the glass. Although the typical vinyl framing is almost completely proofed from the external atmosphere, it never means that there won’t be at least one microscopic hole for the air to escape.

On the flip side, the professional vinyl frames understand the fundamentals of putting the records inside a vinyl display. On the contrary to this misconception, the expectation of longer and safer durability is what’s expected out of framing the records.

If they frame photos, they frame records

Although it may sound logical to generalize framing as an operation, everything changes depending on the object that is being framed. Thus, if you expect your average photo framer to fit your record into a larger frame, you might as well break it by yourself.

But there are enough vinyl record framers in the country that are quite reputed due to their remarkable service. Such framing companies are not just limited to framing records but frame other valuables as well. Thus, if you’re thinking about a gift complication, you just might be able to land on a discount.

Customization is only on the frame and the glass

The quality and the variety of the service almost always depend on the service provider’s resources. For example, when one vinyl framer offers you a set frame size, another would ask you to send the expected dimensions along with the design that you would like. Such creatively superior companies such as these understand the sentimental value of framing records and they would consult you for making better decisions. The bottom line is that this sort of misconception only applies to mediocre companies; the better ones are dominating the industry.

Final takeaways

If you were on the verge of settling down for a lousy framing company, now you know better. This read should have definitely helped you make better decisions, which in turn offers you an amazingly framed record on your wall.

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