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Tips for Protecting Your Patio against Pests and Harsh Sunlight

There’s nothing like flying pests to ruin a perfect evening in your patio. On particular hot summer days, excessive sunlight can ruin evenings outside too. Here are several tips that will help you add more shade to your patio and keep those bugs out:

Grow Anti-Pest Plants and Shrubs

Don’t resort to chemicals to control bugs when there are excellent natural ways to do it. Do grow flowering shrubs and bushes around the patio that act as pest-control ecosystems. Flowering plants attract bees and butterflies, which eliminate more annoying flying pests. Some herbs elicit aromas that repel bugs. If possible for the climate in your area, grow well-known natural pest repellent plants like garlic, lemongrass, and chive.

Get Coverage

Pests can easily attack you when the patio is left open. While open patios are highly desirable, when pests are a major issue, you may want to get coverage to enjoy evenings in peace. Locally made outdoor blinds Perth are a great option, as these are custom designed for Aussie climates and pests. You can also control the amount of sunlight you receive with blinds. They provide shade during daytime, and also privacy when you need it.

Prevent Bright Lights from Attracting Bugs

Those bright, white LED lights are great for illuminating your patio in the evenings. However, these lights also attract bugs by the dozen. Consider replacing white lights with warmer, yellowish lights that resemble evening sunlight. Warmer lights are less likely to attract flying insects. Warmer lights are also better for your plants and also your health closer to bedtime.

Keep the Patio Clean

Even if you do everything right, pests would still be attracted to your patio if it’s not kept clean. If you eat there, don’t let food crumbs accumulate on the floor. You need to sweep it clean of leaves as well. Make sure the patio is kept clean just like the inside of your house during the hotter months. If daily cleanings are too much, at least commit to weekly cleanings.

Eliminate Still Water Areas

Still water ponds, bird baths, garden pots and the like are breeding grounds for small flying insects. If you think there are way too many stinging bugs in your backyard, then make sure it’s free of any areas where water can gather and stay still. Replace still water ponds with flowing water fountains. Otherwise, you will have to add salt or oils to the water that prevent bugs from multiplying.

Try Aroma Control

Don’t forget to install burners or other structures where you can create aromas that keep annoying bugs away in the evenings. For example, a hanging or still candle holder is great to burn citrus or cinnamon candles that deter bugs. A structure to hold citronella torches might be even better. You can also install a power outlet for electronic anti-pest aroma dispensers. You won’t need to use these all the time, but you can turn it on for evening gatherings and dinners in the summer.

The above suggestions won’t cost you a cost of money but are excellent ways to repel swarms of pests in the patio. Try one or two and see if you get the results you desire.

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