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If you have a broken door, it is important that you fix it right away. Having a door that is not functional will bring in a lot of complications and it would also lower the security of your property. Therefore, always be sure that you focus on getting the right features for the door so that you can work on the restoration of your door.

The most critical feature of any door is the door knob as it would affect the functionality of the door in a significant way. Therefore, when you are planning restoration door hardware, it is important that you choose the right door knob. There will be a lot of different types of door knobs out there that come in different designs, sizes and colors. In order to get the best experience out of door restoration and the long-term use of the door, the one thing that you have to get right is choosing the right door knob. Here are the things that you need to know about getting the perfect door knob to carry out a successful door restoration.

Consider the entry of the door

The first thing that you should look into is the entry of the door. Depending on the type of the door and where it is located, the type of the door knob that you should get for it will vary. If you are looking for a door knob for an exterior door, there are a lot of traditional options available such as sectional styles, full length and even monolithic.

With the right door knob for the entry door, you can create a better aesthetic for the entry of your home and at the same time, you can also bring about the best safety. If your door has only one borehole, you can work on the process to instead the door knob by looking into getting the right levers and the knobs.

Focus on the privacy

The next important thing that you have to focus on is the privacy. It is essential that the door knob that you choose has a good locking mechanism so that it would provide you with safety and proved. If you are choosing a door knob for a door to your bathroom or bedroom, the most commonly used type of door knob has a push pin lock system.

The thickness of the door

Another important thing to focus onto is the thickness of the door to guarantee that the knob will fit in perfectly. The thickness of your door will vary with the function and the style. Get a measurement of the thickness of the door when you are looking for the perfect knob.

In addition to that, always find a good reputed store that you can always rely to get all of the door hardware for any kind of restoration or any other supplies that you will be needing for your restoration projects.

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