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The Various Types of Lawyers

Anything that is subjected as a legal issue means it involves lawyers and court decisions. The matter is legalized. Thus, it abides by the rules and regulations of the law. However, dealing with such topics requires the assistance of specialists, also known as attorneys. What is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney?The underlying difference between the two terms are as follows:


A lawyer is someone who has attained the studies of law. This individual holds a Juris Doctor (JD) or a Law Degree from a Law Academy. Hence, this individual has met the educational requirements but does not have a license to practice law.


An attorney is an individual who also has a Law Degree or a Juris Doctor (JD) from a law school like a lawyer. However, these individuals take the bar examination to obtain a license. Hence, they can practice law. An attorney is qualified to give legal advice and support to clients, as well as represent them in the courts.

So, the attorney has all the rights to recommend and offer the best guidance to protect the best interest of the client.

However, the two terms are interchanged in most countries, serving the same purpose. Though, one must make sure the lawyer has the license to practice law. Nonetheless, individuals who practice law without a license are compelled to criminal charges.

How to choose an attorney?

When the issue has a legal involvement, you want to choose the best person who can support you in the courts.

Suppose you live in the Aussies and have a divorce case; you wouldn’t choose a personal injury lawyer to represent you in the courts. Rather, contact a family lawyer Melbourne based who has wide experience and knowledge in this section.

It is a crucial task to choose an attorney, but the first step is to approach the specific lawyer who specializes in your topic of the case.

What are the types of lawyers?

Criminal Lawyer

These professionals are experts in understanding the criminal laws and punishments. They have a good knowledge of the bailing process, arresting, pleas, and the trails related to a crime.

Personal Injury Attorney

The individuals specializing in this sector are responsible for obtaining compensation and coverage for your damage caused by the carelessness of a person or an entity. For instance, you met with a car accident and have suffered injuries. You will take the guidance of a personal injury lawyer.

Family Attorney

A family lawyer helps to deal with any family-related legal matters. Whether you are making an agreement or encountering a divorce or battling or a child’s custody, a family lawyer is whom you should consult. They not only guide you through the whole process but also offer solutions for the best interest of the family.

Employment Lawyer

These attorneys work in favour of both, the employer and the employees to handle legal matters at a workplace. For instance, the employee can seek help to solve issues related to the contracts, such as discrimination, shady termination, harassment on the field, low wages, or facing wrongful vengeance.

Likewise, these lawyers can advise the employers on the legitimate practices for the employees of the business.

These are a few types of lawyers who deal with a particular matter. Likewise, each case should have the appropriate attorney handling it.

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