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The Ultimate Auger Safety Guide

An auger could work great on your project. But using it can be dangerous if you don’t keep a couple of things in mind. We’ve talked everything about them below.

  • Eye & Ear Protection

If you don’t wear hearing protection, you’re seriously underestimating how loud an auger can be. You might be using a larger auger torque too – it would have to be used via an excavator. Its size results in it producing an incredibly loud noise. Not just the auger, but the excavator itself would be loud.

You’ll need eye protection as well. Dirt would be flung all over, especially if a large hole is being dug. Ensure that the goggles you picked up aren’t old, as they may not be very effective.

  • Pants

Not only would your face need to be protected, but keep your feet and legs safe too. The debris being propelled could be sharp. You wouldn’t want them to cut your legs, would you?

  • Jolts

Depending on their size, augers can’t dig through everything. The ground you’re digging through might have roots and large rocks underneath. If the device encounters them, it would immediately stop. When your foot is on the device while it’s turning very fast, the sudden stopping would push you back. The jolt experienced would be bad when digging a massive hole via an excavator.

And if the unit happens to be strong enough to break rocks, they could shatter and come propelling out. This is why good eye protection is needed.

  • Maintenance

The auger probably came with an extensive manufacturer’s guide. You’re supposed to give it a good read. There may be specific details about how you can take care of the unit. If you don’t heed the advice, the auger could not only break, but it may malfunction and become dangerous.

To ensure it’s running at its best, you’d need to constantly need to supply it with fuel. Depending on the model you own, the type of fuel that can be used would differ.

Speaking of maintenance, you might need a mechanic to regularly look at the device. If you purchased it second-hand, it already wasn’t in perfect condition. Constantly being exposed to the elements would result in its insides acting up.

  • Attachments

The type of hole you’ll be able to dig is affected by the attachments you’ve placed. There are countless auger parts on the market. The device’s guide should tell you which parts you’d need for what. If you’re looking to save, you can pick the attachments second-hand.

  • Fabric

What are you standing on? If there is fabric under, it may get entangled in the auger and pull you towards it. This could lead to an injury.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to staying safe while using an auger, there is a plethora of things to consider. The most important thing you could do is wear proper eye and ear protection. The debris being shot out could be sharp, and the pieces could strike your eyes.

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