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The Art of Setting up a New Aquarium

Having an aquarium gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful and magical little underwater world in any corner of your house.  Not only is it a fascinating sight to the eyes but it also provides a sense of visual entertainment and relaxation.

Just like every other pet, fishes deserve proper care and attention as they solely depend on you to be responsible for things such as food, clean water, proper filtering, and other means in order to remain healthy and alive. Whether you’re a beginner or simply looking to purchase another aquarium, the process can be a tedious one if not done right. Having the basic knowledge about the art of setting up an aquarium can help you receive just the right outcome.

Things to Keep in Mind

·         Cost

Unlike a small fishbowl, aquariums costly slightly higher as they often require certain equipment in order to function properly and provide just the right atmosphere for the fishes. However, you can find the perfect aquarium that fits your budget and bring it to life accordingly.

·         Size

Size depends on a few other factors such as your budget and space. However, in order to give proper space and freedom for the fishes to swim, the bigger the tank the better. A slightly bigger tank is also known to make less space for problems and mistakes.

·         Décor

From adding plants to little logs to ornaments, the creativity towards making a fascinating underwater look is endless. It is, however, important to ensure the décor items are clean and don’t over block the space for fish to swim smoothly.

·         Fishes

Selecting the number of fishes for your tank should be decided based on the size of your aquarium as overcrowding the tank would cause discomfort and trap fishes from swimming freely. It’s also best to always start with fewer numbers.

·         Location

Whether you buy an aquarium with or without a stand, it’s important that you place it on hard and flat surfaces rather than an uneven one as that might cause cracks in the glass. The location you choose for the aquarium should have access to proper electrical equipment for lights, filters, etc.

Equipment You Need

Knowing what equipment you need and making a checklist beforehand would make setting up your aquarium much easier and help you avoid missing important parts. Some of the things you’re going to need and can easily buy off of aquarium supplies store are gravel, filter, and replacement filter cartridges, heater, fish food, fishnet, air pump, tank cleaning kit as well as some decorations.

Putting it Together

Once you’ve got the necessary equipment and set up a proper space you can go ahead and put your aquarium together. That includes cleaning and placing the gravel, filling up the aquarium, adjusting the heater and filter, adding in lighting and decoration for your aquarium, and last but not least introducing your fishes to its new well-put habitat.

Owning a fish tank comes with its own set of responsibilities.

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