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Highschool is a turbulent time for most people as they are suddenly overloaded with work but given more freedom than they have had before. The inability to manage this freedom as well as the work properly leads to increased stress, anxiety and other social as well as academic pressures. In addition to this, some high school students work part time. This adds another element to the mix that needs to be managed and balanced for a healthy and productive tenure at school. The ability to manage work and the stresses that come with it is largely up to the individual student to learn and it usually depends on the personal support system they have as well as their own ability to manage work. Students are not taught how to manage their time but are expected to learn it due to the elements they have to balance at this stage of their lives. Although many do, some struggle with it and come out of the experience worse for the wear. Certain institutes such as Sunshine Coast High Schools help their students with managing their work and sometimes even offer classes on various life skills such as financial responsibility and time management. This article with describe several tips often given to students in order to help them manage their time and work better.

Create a plan

Planning your work is an immense help and is the first step towards managing your work. Planning what you have to do for the day even a few hours in advance helps visualise the tasks for the day and makes sure you do not forget anything. It also offers a guideline to prioritise more important activities and gives a rough idea of how long each will take. This is the hardest part of time management, but this is also essentially where the bulk of the work happens. Making a note of assignments and other submissions as soon as you get them, even if you do not start them immediately is a massive support and alleviates most of the ‘last minute’ stress as you have a clear objective to work towards at all times.

Avoid Procrastination

Tis is easier said than done but for most students who find that they have no time for anything, most of their time is wasted doing nothing because they procrastinate. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to break the habit and the best thing to do is set to work immediately if you catch yourself procrastinating. Note that planning excessively can also lead to procrastination where most of your time is spent planning instead of acting.


Students are not expected to go through everything without help, and should have access to some support system, either from friends, family, or your teachers. If you need help with something, you should ask them the first opportunity you get instead of delaying and hoping for the best. Communication skills will also be helpful in order to decline work that you do not have the time for politely, without causing offence.

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