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How to Protect Yourself When Using A Chainsaw?

Chainsaws can be used for a great many things as they are versatile and are used to cut hard objects, including steel. However, the most common material that is used to cut is wood. Regardless, it is quite a dangerous machine if not handled by a professional.

This is because the chainsaw sports jagged teeth that can spin at very high resolutions. However, even if in the hands of a professional, it is necessary to wear the right gear since mishaps can occur. What is this gear though? The following are the most essential.


It is a mandatory requirement for anyone to wear a helmet. The reason is that the grit can get chopped off as a result of sawing the wood can fly off at high velocity. Thus, making it quite dangerous if it hits your head. There have been numerous cases where small pieces have caused wounds on the head. As a result, it has become a top requirement for any person wielding a chainsaw. There are many kinds of helmets out there for the job, however, always make sure that the helmet covers the full head.


Then comes your eyes. In many instances, the helmet comes with a visor as well. However, if it does not come with a visor, make sure you purchase a visor as well. Your eyes are the most important part of the body to do the job and if the grit were to hit them, it can lead to immense pain and even total blindness. Simple shades would not do either. It has to be a special visor made out of strong plastic and covers the full eyes and nose. It is recommended that the visor cover the mouth as well.


Thick gloves are also a mandatory requirement when handling a chainsaw. The reason for this is because it provides a better grip on the machine while also protecting your hands. Chainsaws are often quite heavy and the wielder can get tired after a while, which would make gripping the machine quite difficult. As a result, the gloves would help in keeping a good grip on the tool. Moreover, due to their thickness, the gloves will also prevent any sort of injury if the user was to lose grip of the machine.

Top and Trousers

The gloves are just one part of the essential clothing you need to wear. There is also a necessity to wear the right top and trousers. Today, there is special clothing just for this purpose known as chainsaw chaps. This is made of thick material that cannot be penetrated even if the chainsaw does come into contact. It is made of so many layers and prevents the material from getting caught to the jagged edges. Moreover, these range from full-body to only the legs.

With the mentioned gear on hand, you now know what to look into if you want to use the chainsaw to cut something.

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