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The best thing about summer is the endless water sport activities, but it’s even more exciting with extra entertainment. Here are some fun add-ons to make pool days more fun and exhilarating!


Stylish Sun Protection!

This Pool Dome is fantastic for swimming, especially for those concerned about ultraviolet rays during the day. Made from PVC and fiberglass, it is UV resistant, offers extra protection from the sun, and stops outside pollutants such as insects! 550 x 275 cm in size, it’s the perfect accessory for any summer occasion. It also helps the water to remain heated overnight! Mounting accessories are also included!


Try Something New

This Cabo Pool Float is definitely a game-changer when being in the water! Not only is the material made from premium commercial grade Olefin fabric but there is a range of attractive colours to boot. Light grey, charcoal grey, coral, turquoise, and pacific blue! The fabric is also UV-treated to match perfectly with the outdoor lifestyle.

3 Games In One!

If you’re after toys for the pool, this Wahu 3-in-One Pool Game Pack will supply endless exciting entertainment for the kids. Set up some bash bats, volleyball, or a basketball ring and watch them use up all of their energy! It includes a basketball, basketball hoop with net, volleyball and volleyball net, 2 bash bats, 2 bash balls, 2 bases, and 2 uprights. The Wahu pack is the perfect combination to bring the beach home. It’s recommended for children 6 and up.

Add Elements of Relaxation

Picture colourful LED lights, yummy food, wine, and balloons; there’s so much creative potential in decorating a pool with this Waterfall Pool Foundation. It’s made from SS 304 stainless steel, so this is reliable and sturdy enough to use for the pool! Enjoy a summer spa with the sounds of the water rushing around you.

Dogs Can Like Water Too!

When it’s a hot day, your dog is bound to love a playful splash! This Foldable Dog Swimming Pool can be used indoors or outdoors, with an anti-slip surface giving pets the chance to keep cool when they need to! Let pets be excited this summer! Comes in blue and red.

Bring More Colour to Summer!

The Cascade Waterfall Swimming Pool Fountain adds a beautiful visual effect to a pool, especially at night! The LED lights can be altered to show reds, blues, and greens, so expect to impress friends and family! There’s also no tricky installation, as it is pushed by the force of water. No need for batteries. Comes with 4 jets and 12 LEDs!

Swim For Longer!

Enjoy swimming at any time of day with this Pool Solar Heating Panel, capable of containing the water temperature whether the sun is out or not! Made of PE and aluminum, it is non-harmful to the environment. Comes in a sleek black shade.

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