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Some dogs can be heavy barkers. This isn’t always healthy for both the dogs as well as the owners and could even cause inconvenience in peace of sound amongst your neighbours. Training such dogs to be quiet can be almost an impossible and exasperating task without the help of gadgets such as anti-barking collars.

While many categorize it as a form of animal abuse, it’s truly and simply a device designed to tone down rough barking behaviour and develop a sense of self-control. Keep reading as we shed a little light and understanding on the need for anti-barking collars.

Excessive Barking

Despite what you may think, excessive barking isn’t simply noisy but can also be tiring and unhealthy for the dog. Constant barking can increase the dog’s heart rate as it often barks with enthusiasm and full of excitement which could cause a downward spike in its energy due to it being used up so often. Such dogs are generally finding it harder to hunt or train.

While sometimes the reason behind such excessive barking can be led due to anxiousness, if left unattended it may increase between both the dog as well as the owner. Making use of a barking collar helps you avoid putting your dog through such circumstances, allowing it to remain calm, relaxed and healthy through and through.

Types of Collars

When it comes to selecting the right device for your pet, there are so many well designed barking collars that are safe proof to choose from, such as the few mentioned below.

The Spray Collar – Often used during warmer season, this specific collar is censored to release a harmless spray alongside a hissing sound once the dog barks. The most commonly used spray is the citronella spray collars. You can look online to find where you can buy citronella collars.

The Ultrasonic Collar – This consists of a sound that can be heard by the dogs alone and not the owners. Due to the use of sound, these specific collars are suitable for dogs with proper audibility only. This ultrasonic sound is also triggered when a dog barks.

The Electrical Collar – while often recommended on using for big dogs, this specific collar emits a low powered electric shock that causes a mild discomfort for the dogs. This is however, not the most preferred means of method.

The Vibration Collar – The vibration in the collar is often followed by a sound once the dog barks. The noise and vibration acts as a form of distraction to the dogs and stops them from barking. It is comparatively a preferred choice.

Advantages of Using Anti-Barking Collars

The right collars come with great advantages to the dogs as well as the owners. Not only does it help with noise and anxiety reduction, but also helps the dog overcome uncalled behaviour while also ensuring that the dog doesn’t waste too much of energy.

If you’re dog has excessive barking issues, anti-barking collars is the best way to go.

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