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Different Kinds of Inflatable Boats

Whether you like fishing, kayaking, or any other water activities, you’ll definitely need a mode of transportation on water. Inflatable boats are a must-have for people who just love going out on the waters.

They are easy to prepare, use and store making them convenient for any purpose. You have definitely seen an inflatable boat at some point especially when you’re spending a lot of time near a body of water. Unlike traditional wooden boats, inflatables are a lot cheaper plus they are also easy to maintain.

Before you buy an inflatable, first you need to know the different types and their purpose. Read along to help you pick the right boat for your needs.

Inflatable Raft

It is inflatable rafts are mainly designed for recreational purposes and are not really meant to be used on the sea. They are mostly used for fun water activities such as a day on the beach. Inflatable rafts are generally lightweight compared to other inflatable boats.

Cheaper versions are usually designed as toys, however, there are more expensive ones with extra features such as safety valves, or clasps, multiple air chambers, and motor mounts, making them more useful for grown-up water adventures.

Inflatable Kayak

If you’re looking for something you could use for more fun water activities, an inflatable kayak is more versatile than an inflatable raft. It has a compact design yet it is also lightweight making it convenient to take out on trips. You could choose from a variety of sizes, depending on what you’re planning to use it too. It can be used on a wide variety of activities: kayaking, fishing, Whitewater rafting, paddling, or simply cruising through a river.

Inflatable Pontoon

An inflatable pontoon is designed a lot differently than other inflatable boats. It has 2 large air tubes on each side which are connected together with a metal frame. The seat is located in the middle, in between the air tubes, giving the passenger more stability and a better view of the water.

Inflatable pontoons are popular among fishermen because of their design perfectly fits the purpose. When choosing a pontoon, be sure that its space and the weight capacity are fit to your needs. If you’re looking for pontoon boat and motor dealers, there is one great shop in Australia you should check out.

Inflatable Dinghy

Inflatable dinghies are specifically designed as a tender for bigger boats. It is strong and durable since it has to pull a bigger vessel into the sea. Although they are meant to be used on the sea, strong winds and rough waters are still huge challenges when maneuvering a dinghy because of their lightweight design. A dinghy needs an outboard motor to propel it strongly and carry the weight of the bigger boat.

Now that you know the different kinds of inflatable boats, it will be a lot easier to choose which one really suits your needs. Be sure to look for check the quality and durability before buying so your investment will be worth it.

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