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Dealing with Death – Foreseen or Unforeseen

Death is something nobody will ever be prepared for, whether it is that of one’s own or of those they love. However, the reason all religions preach about preparing for death is because it not only helps one’s own self personally, but the ones around them, too, in many ways. Many of us actually begin to prepare for death when we genuinely feel it coming. When this happens, it’s not just them who start preparing for their departure, but the family and loved ones around, too.


If you’ve got a loved one at home who has been going through extreme suffering due to illness, and the experience watching them has been daunting, you certainly are not alone. Such cases take place in many households, and it certainly is extremely tough watching someone go through agony, and then, deteriorate little by little. The saddest thing about such people is that, most of them would tell you when they feel they’re not going to make it. They’d tell you when it’s time to start preparing for procedures to send them away, peacefully.

Pre Preparation

Hearing someone speak of their own death that’s coming could certainly be painful, especially when you realize that it is true. However, this sorrowful message that they give you in advance would help you mentally and psychologically. When compared to situations where sudden deaths take place owing to accidents or cardiac arrests, being aware of the likelihood of such as situations allows you to prepare for what’s to come. In other words, you wouldn’t have to deal with shock, disbelief and pain, all of which could be unbelievably agonizing.

Apart from the emotional and psychological aspect of it, being hinted of a possible situation gives you the indication that you should start working on funeral preparations, too. This is when families opt for prepaid funeral plans, which actually eases quite a lot of pressure off them, especially to those who have numerous difficulties, financial or other, to deal with in their everyday lives. With the funeral arrangements been paid for and booked in advance, the family is spared the chaos and confusion, and the pressure of dealing with the process. When it comes to financial capabilities in particular, not everyone is able to handle a sudden, shocking loss. Thus, having it dealt with beforehand gives ease and peace, not just to the one who passes away, but to the family who will endure the loss.

Carrying Out the Ceremony

After having finances settled and bookings made for a funeral service, it becomes your responsibility, as family, to carry out the proceedings with care. Knowing that someone paid for their own funeral just to spare you the trouble and the inconvenience is certainly pathetic. However, the best you’d be doing for them in return is carrying out the funeral procedures carefully and peacefully, and do every possible thing you could so his/her soul rests in peace.

With so much of life happening around us, death is hardly something we’d want to think about. It is almost as though we choose not to address it. However, when you know it could come to you at any point in life, it is important to face and address it in quite a mature way.

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