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Drums are a popular choice for those who are beginning a new instrument. You have seen drums played by professionals in concerts and it seems like an exhilarating instrument to play and listen to. There are different drum kits that you can look at when first starting out. You need to be aware of the basics and which level you are starting at.

There are many drum set ups that you can start with. But for a beginner, it is best to start out with a five piece drum kit. This way you have a solid foundation and you will find it a lot easier to learn. A five piece drum kit will have a kick drum, snare drum, two rack toms and a floor tom. Some of the additional items you can add on are a ride cymbal, a couple of crash cymbals and a hi-hat. The sound of a cymbal will depend on its size and shape. You will find a great variety of cymbals with different tones. You have to see whether you have enough space to keep a drum kit in your home. If you’re buying a drum kit with an eye to the future, it is best to use a space that has some room to expand.

You also need to check with the rest of the family members or friends about their opinion of your purchase as drums can be quite loud and this can be very disturbing to people close by. You can look at how you can soundproof your room by installing sound absorption sheets on the walls. Check for where air can leak out of the room. This is how sound will escape to the outside. You can install an acoustic door sweep to the bottom of the door and seal or tape any holes or gaps that can transfer sound. You can use curtains on the windows and soft rugs on the floor as well to muffle the sound.

There are electronic drum kits that take up less space than an acoustic one. They are a lot easy to assemble and disassemble as well as easy to transport. An electronic drum kit will be able to play many different drum sounds while an acoustic kit will be limited to the tonal properties of the wood that makes up the drum. The size of your drums and the materials they are made of will also affect the sound generated. Acoustic drums are made of different types of wood that will give a different tone. For example, drums made of maple will give smooth middle and high frequencies while mahogany is known for giving rich low end frequencies. It will take you a bit of experimentation to find your sound. You can visit the local music store to get an idea of what you like. You have a lot of versatility when it comes to an acoustic drum kit as you can add in and remove any number of extras. In the beginning, it can be a bit hard to keep your rhythm steady so you can use a metronome to help keep to the time.

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