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Advantages and Disadvantages of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

There are numerous types of garage doors that you might have a hard time deciding on which type you would want installed on your garage. But, let us focus on one of the most popular types, the roller garage doors. This type has been the go-to design of commercial and business establishments. But more and more homeowners have seen the genius of this design.

This type of garage door is called as such because the slats wrap around each other when the door is opened making it into one small roll. This is why it is preferred by homeowners with a low ceiling and small garage space, as compared to other types of garage doors that either sit parallel in the ceiling when opened or parallel to the wall.



One of the advantages of roller doors is that it is customizable to fit even the most tricky garage spaces. With these made to order garage doors, the security it provides your garage is tailor suited. No spaces, no gaps for unwanted visitors to try and pry open the door. Since it is customizable, the materials used could also be commissioned although the insulated aluminium doors are preferred because of the high level of protection it gives.

Compact and Ease of Use

Another reason for its popularity, this type of garage door doesn’t have any internal tracks as opposed to other types of garage doors making it a favourite among those with small garage spaces and driveway. It could also be fully automated and controlled with a remote.

Low Maintenance

Not only are they able to provide high level of security, roller garage doors are also durable to withstand any harsh weather conditions and only require periodic maintenance to continue functioning and serving its purpose.



Since they are first used by commercial and business establishments, roller garage doors are somehow expensive and could not be easily afforded by some homeowners. Repairs and parts could also be expensive but if you would properly care for it, and since they are sturdy and low maintenance, the cost to buying and installing them would be the only expenditure for the garage door for a long time.

Difficult to Install

Roller garage doors are difficult to install and would require at least two people to do it. So, when you have decided to install this type on your garage, you would need the skill and expertise of professionals. It is recommended that you factor in the labour costs for the installation before you do decide on roller garage doors.

Limited Design

Another disadvantage of this type of garage door is the limited design. If you are after to have a truly unique garage door, you might want to choose another type. Even if you consider using a different colour of paint, the task would still be troublesome because of the panels.

With the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages, you could easily decide if the roller garage door is what you want for your garage. Weigh the pros and cons so you could be satisfied with the decision you make.

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