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Accessories Your Caravan Must have

Your caravan would be your home when you are on the road. So, you have to make sure that it has everything that you would need to ensure you would have a successful and memorable road trip. Some of these accessories might already be included in the caravan when you purchase it while others, you have to purchase as an add on, depending on your requirement.

The list below enumerates the accessories that your new caravan must have before you go on your road trip.

Electricity Cable

When you purchase a caravan or a motor home with built-in appliances, chances are your caravan is electricity ready. Otherwise, these appliances would be useless. Nevertheless, you have to double check. If there are none, inquire about this accessory with your caravan salesman since they would be definitely selling this for caravan models without a built-in electricity cable. You would not want to spend your holidays in the dark. Besides, how you would be able to post those Instagram worthy selfies of yourself and the road if you don’t have any way to charge your mobile phone?

Water Container

Water containers are a must. Not just water for drinking but water for ablutions. There are caravans with built in toilets. Of course, this already has a water container for flushing or washing. But, if your caravan does not have a toilet, you have to purchase a water container specifically for this to ensure that you are clean and refreshed and your silverwares and tableware are also clean for your next meal.

Whether you’re looking for off road, regular or  luxury caravans Australia has many dealers. So, it would be best to ask regarding the more appropriate and recommended water container for your caravan.

Waste Disposal System

When we are on the road, we tend to accumulate waste. Of course, we could not just fling these litters off our window. We have to be responsible and do our part when it comes to protecting and caring for our environment. Our caravan should have a proper waste disposal system. There should be a place in our caravan where we could keep our trash until we could properly dispose of them during our pit stops. A proper waste disposal system would ensure that the waste would not contaminate the air inside the caravan.


This accessory is essential especially for those family and friends who would want to camp under the stars. An awning that could be easily set up and disassembled would ensure that you would not have to pass up the chance to temporarily stop on clearing and to roast marshmallows on a bonfire.

Window Screens

Some caravans do not have these window screens installed. If your caravan does not have it, it is recommended that you buy and lodge it on your caravan’s windows so you could open the windows to feel the breeze outside without the possibility of insects and other debris coming inside.

These are just some of the accessories that you must have in your caravan before you plan that long weekend trip. There are other accessories that you could buy depending on your need and requirement. Just head over to the nearest caravan dealer or your trusty hardware store.

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