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A Newbie’s Ultimate Pill Management Guide

Pill management can be hard if there is a lot of medication for you takes. However, there are a few tips that will make it easier. We’ve discussed them below.

Check Expiration Dates

Always look at the expiration date of the medicine you own. It’s very dangerous to take expired medication. Also, look at the refill information. This would make sure you never run out of pills.

See a Pharmacist

Let’s say you are supposed to take a lot of medication. However, you are not sure about the medication that you are taking. Speak to a chemist and have them go over your prescriptions. They will let you know if there are any better alternatives for what you are taking.

With most medications, you might face side effects. The chemist can give you tips on how to battle them too.

Unfortunately, not many pharmacies in your area may offer this service. Type chemist near me online and see if any of them offer medication management. Depending on who you work with, the cost you’ll have to pay will differ.

Pill Organizer

Staying on top of the many pills you must take can be a headache. Make it easier by purchasing a pill organizer. There will be separate compartments for you to include each day’s worth of medicine.  What’s great is that you can label each compartment, with labels like ‘red pill’ and ‘blue pill’ to make it easier to remember what is inside.

Just a note, though:

If a child has to be given the pills, a pill organizer might not be the best idea. They may forget and keep taking the same medication, resulting in an overdose.

Create a Dosing Schedule

In line with using a pill organizer, help yourself by creating a dosing schedule. You can make a physical chart for this. However, the best option is a dosing schedule online – you’ll be able to create the most organized and extensive list this way.

Medication App

There are special apps that set reminders for when you have to take your medication. This is great if you’re a forgetful person.  Most of the time, these apps have databases with detailed lists of the drugs on the market too. If you want to learn more about the pills that you have prescribed, this will be useful.

Make a List of Your Medication

Make a list of all the medication you have to take, as well as any medication you are allergic to. Whenever you go to the doctor and they want to see the pills you are on, the list will be very handy. Remember to make several copies, of course.

Considering everything discussed, what do you think? There definitely is a lot of tips and tricks that will help. Probably the best would be to regularly go through your prescription to make sure everything is filled, and that nothing is expired. If you’re not a fan of the side effects, you can try speaking to your local chemist.

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