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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Tiles

Tiles come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. To help you find the right one, we’ve discussed all the points to consider. Read ahead.

Tile Size

How big of a space are you trying to tile? If it’s a large one, you probably shouldn’t place small tiles – it would take longer to fill the room up. And you’d be spending more, as you’d have to purchase a lot.

Depending on the room, placing large tiles might not look good. They are usually seen in formal living spaces and not rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.


There probably is an aesthetic in your home. Make note of it along with the colour palette present. The tiles you’re interested in should go along with the style. They’d stick out like sore thumbs otherwise.

You might not have the best-eye. Take a picture of your home’s interior and show it to the tile shop. Representatives would work to find options that would fit the interior the most.

If the house is being built and you haven’t come up with an aesthetic yet, why not use Pinterest? You can easily get inspired.


Whether your home is large or small, you’d want a lot of light to come – this would make it feel more open. Something that would help would be having reflective objects in the space. As you can find tiles in all kinds of styles, certain options are super glossy.

Glossy options would work the best in rooms that have walls or furniture that are darker. Glossy options that are light in colour would pack the most punch. You probably should stay away from white, though. It’s gone out of style.


Who will do the installation work? With some tile adhesive, you could do it yourself. But you’d get a more professional job if the shop you’re buying from offers the service. If there are countless tilers near you, work with the one that offers installations at the most affordable rate. As mentioned, small tiles take more time to install, so hiring someone to install them would run you a bill.


No one wants to spend hours maintaining their floors. This is something you’d have to do if you purchased terracotta. Not only are they harder to clean, but they stain easily too. Thankfully, sealants can be added to prevent terracotta tiles from staining so much.

The easiest tiles to clean would be glazed options; all you’d have to do is swipe a broom against them to take any dirt away. And to maintain their shine, you can just use a wax.

Final Thoughts

To choose the right tiles, there is a lot to keep in mind. Our article ran through everything to consider, though. To make sure you don’t waste money, pick options that would complement your home. Tiles aren’t meant to make statements, so go with choices that complement the interior’s color palette. Be smart with how easy to clean the option you picked up would be too.

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