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3 Ways to Improve A Relationship

This era is surely an example of “the survival of the fittest”. Just look back and see how many of us keep running behind a day to earn a few dollars and to establish a good lifestyle. This pattern of life for every common man has made them lose track of how healthy their relationship is.

If you’re one of those questioning the healthy status of your relationship, here are few tips to help you out.


Complimenting is one key essential for a healthy relationship. Complimenting shows that you pay attention and you care. When it comes to compliments, girls are usually given the most compliments and it’s natural for them to receive them. But why shouldn’t it work the other way?

If your husband dresses up for an event or occasion don’t hesitate to compliment. Complimenting is never a gender-based thing. We all like to receive compliments and it goes a long way in kick-starting a good day or even turning a bad day into a good one. So be it your husband wears a new T-shirt or even gets a new haircut, compliment him.

Now for the husbands who are not really expressive, it’s time to get comfortable with complimenting. Girls love compliments, be it as simple as “you look good today”. Even if you’re not the kind who gets cheesy with compliments try to give the simplest compliments at least.

Express your appreciation

Appreciation plays a major role in improving your relationships. As couples, both the husband and wife have their own shares in working out a family. Sometimes, the wife can have more part of the share than the husband and vice versa. In that case, the wife appreciating the husband or the husband appreciating the wife for his/her efforts make them feel valued and respected.

It can be simple as saying “Thank you for picking up the kids from school today” or “Thank you for filling my gas tank”.  In other words, appreciating through words is being thankful for the efforts each other put into working out a relationship and a family altogether.

When it comes to appreciation, don’t overlook buying birthday gifts for him or her. Although this may sound like a materialistic way of appreciating, nobody gets such days always. So, remembering and buying thoughtful things on special days can really make a sentimental and overwhelming impact on a relationship. This also makes them feel you value them and appreciate them amidst your busy lives.

Improve yourself

As humans, we all have some habits, behaviours, attitudes, or even personalities that may not be so appealing to another. So, if you in specific have one of these that drive your partner crazy, try to improve yourself.  For example, you can clean the kitchen instead of leaving a mess behind for your wife to clean. Try to take things easy and sort it out and look for ways to improve each other. When you put each other concerns into action, it shows you value your partner’s views and needs.

As you can see improving a relationship doesn’t take much of your energy. In truth, like we all hear “It’s the little things in life” that can even make relationships work. However as much we take an effort to improve a relationship, we should also focus on maintaining them amidst all the chaos in life.

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