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10 things you can’t forget to pack when traveling

You are planning your next holiday and are ready to get packing, but there is that nagging feeling at the back of your mind. What if you forget something important? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Before you start listing off everything you will need for your trip, take a look at the 10 things you can’t forget to pack when traveling! You will thank us later.

10 things you can't forget to pack when traveling

Firstly, you need to keep hydrated! For those days when you don’t have a chance to buy it, or if you like to pack sustainably, a reusable water bottle is a must. This is also great for plane trips, you can fill it once you get through the gates and take it with you on the flight. Not only that, but while you are touring you can bring it along and fill up on the go!


Laundry bags. You don’t want to start packing your dirty clothes in with the clean ones! Keep them separate and bring a laundry bag or two so that it is evident when you find a washing machine on your travels which clothes need to run through it.


First aid supplies are of course important. You don’t need to go all out but the basics can certainly save you in a sticky situation. A few bandaids, alcohol wipes and other items can be easily packed in with your bag.


Lip balm is a must-have. Not only for travel but on those planes with the excessive air conditioning your lips can become dry and chapped. In differing weather conditions, like the hot or the cold, lip balm can be a lifesaver.

10 things you can't forget to pack when traveling

An emergency snack can go along way if you are out all day and somehow forget to indulge in the cuisine of your chosen destination. Make sure you always have one of your favorites on hand!


Reusable shopping bags are a great idea. For all of your souvenirs, just in case you don’t have enough room in your carry bag, they can often be folded up and fit into most bags.


We have all been there, you get caught out with no extra cash. This is where a spare money card comes in handy. For all those travel emergencies, carry an extra card with a small limit to get you out of any jam.


Hand sanitizer is a great addition to your bag, as on holidays you often do not know what you will encounter. The local animals may pay you a visit and while they are cute and cuddly to touch, you may want to wash your hands afterward.


Copies of your travel documents should go without saying. Should you need your travel insurance or your plane ticket they will be right there with you!


Finally, stain remover for when you are out all day. It is the first thing in the morning and you have spilled your coffee already? Don’t go back to the hotel! Fi it right there and then to continue on without a hiccup.


So, when you get to packing, don’t forget these essentials and avoid getting caught out on your travels!

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