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Factors You Need To Consider When Buying A Dining Room Table

When you go shopping for a dining room table, there are certain factors you need to consider. You could not just go and purchase the first table that you see because it looks nice. Among the factors that you need to think about are the table’s shape, from which material it was made, style and capacity.

The Table’s Shape

The table’s shape is an important consideration because it also determines the table’s seating capacity. This is also a decisive aspect for homes with limited dining space. If the dining room is small, a rectangular dining table might not work. A square table is more appropriate for a family of four and a round table with a hinged leaf (to become oval shaped) is suited for a small family but have in-laws and relatives who often visit for a meal.

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The Table’s Material

The material from which the table is made out of is also a factor. The usual materials are wood, metal, glass, marble, etc. Every material has an asset and knowing what these advantages are would make it easier for you to decide. Dining room tables made out of wood are durable, low maintenance and is easy to repair if in case it got damaged. Wooden tables are also the scandinavian design choice because they are classic pieces.

Similar to wooden tables, dining room tables made out of metal are also durable not to mention versatile. Homeowners might be turned off by the idea of a glass dining table because they are breakable. But glass tables are actually suited for small dining rooms because of their reflective surface that helps make the room bigger and brighter. A marble dining table on the other hand is adaptable and complements any décor and existing furniture you already have.

The Table’s Style

When it comes to style, you could choose between traditional, rustic, industrial and contemporary. Of course, you could not go wrong with a traditional style. There is a reason why this style is around even after all these years. If you are after a look that is more natural looking with wood in its raw beauty, go for rustic. For a sturdier look and feel, go industrial and buy a dining room table with naked metal. And if you are the one who follows what is trendy, opt for a contemporary dining room table.

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The Table’s Seating Capacity

The main purpose of the dining room table is to seat everyone for a meal. If you have a big family, choose a rectangular or oblong shaped table. If you are a family of four, a square sized table would be enough. And if you are living alone, a circular shaped table would be enough.

When you know your preference for these factors, it would be easier for you to shop for your dining room table. You also have to consider your budget since some of these tables cost a lot of money. But that does not mean they are better than the affordable ones.

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